Monday, July 30, 2012

July 29 Post, Olympics Version

SO! Back to the games! I'm becoming a tad obsessed with swimming so I think my favorite event today was the men's 4x100m. I finally got to see Nathan Adrian! He gave us a super strong start, and Phelps and Jones definitely held their own, doing a fantastic in the middle 2 laps. And then came Lochte! I was soooo readyto jump of the couch and start screaming. WE HAD THAT. I  was so freaking sure. And then in the last couple seconds France not only caught up, but took us over! WTF?! But our guys did a phenomenal job, really. We medaled! SILVERSILVERSILVERRRRR! Whoop!

I also  tuned in to Water Polo and gymnastics. Admittedly, the water polo was sorts meh a first, but then I got into it. A cool sport I think. I didn't see it all since our reservation was for 6:30 and I had to start getting ready. When I got home I caught up with the gymnasts. First off, there seemed to be a lot of girls going out-of-bounds. I'm still a newbie, but is this normal? And second, I'm semi-obsessed with the USA womens leotards. They're like purple sparkle perfection. I wish I could get a closeup look at those panels though. And was anybody else ogling their eye-makeup? I lurrrrved it.

I felt terrible when Jordyn Wieber didn't make the all-around finals. I honestly couldn't even dream of doing a fraction of what they do on a daily basis and I thought she was fantastic. She just seemed so devastated, it was heartbreaking to watch. But the best of luck to our ladies in the days to come! Bring it home for us!

And nowwwww, I was in bed last night, and had like a genius idea. I was reading this ESPN article about Olympic Village hookups a few weeks ago, and I thought: Who would be a cute couple? And so without further ado, a new segment I have titled:
Olympic Athletes Who Should Totally Hookup in the Olympic Village

Ryan Lochte and LoLo Jones. Basically because Lochte loves a challenge and LJ has that whole virginity thing going on(which trust me, I totally respect and get) but I feel like is anyone could change her mind, it'd be him. In related news, if anyone could change my mind, it'd be him. And also, because the 2 of them are just like insanely attractive.

Nathan Adrian and Alex Morgan. There really is no explanation other than he is super hot and as a fellow pink-lover, I see a bit of myself on her. Which is kind of why I chose LJ for RL too... yeah, maybe a pattern here.
Sam Mikulak and Missy Franklin. They'd actually be cute together I think. They just both seem very like infectious and light.

And Day 2 of my Brit List comes to you in the form of another boy band The Wanted.

 I of course as a British fanatic, have a a thing for British accents. I also however, as a rule, have a thing for brown and/or curly hair on guys( I feel like I should let you know just how much I like this picture. Nathan<brown hair>,in the beanie. I love beanies on guys. Jay<curly hair> in maroon,which I find to be the absolute most attractive color a guy can wear. Well played,gentlemen. Well played.) The Wanted somehow combined these things. And it is amazing. You know who else did that BUT ON THE SAME PERSON(Harry Styles)? ONE DIRECTION,yesterday's Brit List pick, but more on them another time. So yeah, The Wanted's latest single is "Chasing the Sun" and the video for it basically combines like leather, British guys, and a catchy beat. You can watch it here:

See you for more Olympic greatness tomorrow!

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