Friday, July 27, 2012


Happy Friday!
 Today is the official start of the 2013 Olympics and I'm pumpedddddd! Reason #1 to be pumped:

These guys: Cullen Jones, Nathan Adrian, Ryan Lochte and Brendan Hansen. Go Team USA! And also, a big thank you to Glamour, the best magazine everrrrr.

So in all seriousness, the Olympics are great. They showcase ah-mazing athletic ability and that's totally inspiring. One prime example? The gods-who-be at the Olympics have decided that they're going to ease up on the dress code a bit, allowing the volleyball players to participate in something other than their standard sexy bikinis. Well, that's fantastic news for a lot of women, especially those with strict religious and moral views. But our leading ladies said no thank you and are sticking with the 2-pieces.

And here's what they had to say about it "what you see is what you get- there's no airbrushing"
Totally inspiring,right? I am an avid lover of magazines,and  there's kind of an internal war going  on with them right now. You know the whole airbrushing controversy thing. But some magazines are working against it. Seventeen started a body peace treaty, and you can sign here:

But the point is, I love that it's sort of a message of body-peace in itself. They're proud of their bodies(and they should be!) and want to show them off! A bit of inspiration for us, be happy in your skin. Love it.

Keep an eye out for these girls too:
 Alex Morgan
 Alise "The Beast"
 Claressa Shields
 Foluke Akinradewo
 Kayla Harrison
 Julie Zetlin
 Missy Franklin
Maya Moore

So good luck to all the men and women competing! WOO-HOO USA!

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