Monday, July 23, 2012

Off With a Bang!

So my intention was to start a blog chronicling my summer. It is July 23 and I am writing my first post. Ok ,yes, I am a procrastinator. Like a pro.  BUT I'm finally doing it, y'all! And to start things off with a bang(hence the title) I'm going to cover the Teen Choice Awards(yayyyyy!) but don't get too excited. By "covering" I of course mean reviewing it from my laptop. Best dressed, worst dressed, and memorable moments. Aaaaaand here we go!

Best Dressed
My personal favorite of the night was Crystal Reed. While I'll admit I might be a tad biased(Teen Wolf is an extreme obsession of mine) I'm a sucker for a LWD and anything sparkly. Put the two together and BOOM! you can do no wrong in my book. Oh,and hello, it's Marchesa.

But I also loved these girls
 Selly G! Selena pretty much always gets it right and last night was no exception. Happy late birthday!

 It's cool girl perfection. Cavalli blazer and those pants are to-die.
 Again, the LWD. Tay usually gives us a little sparkle,but the simplicity was nice.
 Ahhh, the Jenner girls. Their sisters are total fashion icons, so it's really no surprise. After all, they learned from the best.
 Holland Roden. Again, the Teen Wolf bias. But come onnnnn. On and off-screen she puts me in a state of perpetual outfit lust. And last night was no different.

Worst dressed:
(Side note, I really hate when they do this on Fashion Police,it's so mean. I'll make this quick and easy,something we can all agree on)
Kevin McHale. Confession: when they did that NLT montage it took me back. Yes, I have NLT on my Ipod. I actually really like boybands(more on that later) so it's a given that I really like Kevin M. And I absolutely applaud him for taking a fashion  risk,because that's rare for guys. That said, what is going on here? I'm pretty sure the only guy the printed pants trend works on is Bieber, and even then it can get kind of iffy. Sorry.

Memorable Moments:
 Demi Lovato's ponytail. Ok,yeah. Go for it,girl. Whip your hair back and forth!
 Look Teen Wolf for the 3rd time in my first post! Can you tell how much I love it? Anyway, the Vampire vs. Werewolves debate. Um,hello. WEREWOLVES. Yayyyyyy Team Posey!
 Another obsession,the resurgence of the boy band. Especially One Direction. But more specifically Harry Styles. In a hat. Swoon. Loved this bit! The guys are so hilarious!
 SOPHIA GRACE AND ROSIE! Show me someone who doesn't love these girls and I'll show you a liar! I will never tire of their tutus and tiaras. In fact, as I recall, it's all I wore when I was their age. And I still wear my tiara sometimes around the house.
A few things about the Twilight moments. First: ROB AND KRISTIN CAME OUT HOLDING HANDS. I know there's been speculation about them as a couple since the first movie and that it's been confirmed but this really did it for me.It was just sooo good. Second: Not sure how I feel about TL's facial hair... Third: We all just need to accept that this is as good as their acceptance speeches are going to get. Don't get me wrong,I love Twilight. But seriously you guys. You know you're going to win. Be prepared. And last but not least: Wow. Over 40 TCAs? Whoaaaaa.

SO. This has been my very first blog post! I did it! Hopefully you liked it and you'll stop and comment or subscribe or add me to your favorites or whatever. Whatever floats your boat!

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