Thursday, June 27, 2013

Recent Haul

So in May I graduated and to celebrate I decided to treat myself to a little bit of shopping.. Over 2 weeks(I think) I picked a few different things. Most of them are fairly simple pieces but with a little bit of flair. My favorite places to shop on a budget are Forever21 and Target.. Both have suuuuupercute stuff and for super reasonable prices.. My shopping buddy is the spectacularly amazing Cassie, who loves to shop just as much as I do. We're always very honest (as good shopping are supposed to be, it's like the number one rule) but never mean about it.
For instance:
Me to Cassie: It's really, really cute. Buuuuut it's also really, really short. Like if you even thought about bending over your butt would pop out. But it would kind of be okay because you have a nice butt.

Cassie to me: It looks good, but maybe not so much on the boobs. It's just because they're so big. Like,dude, I wish I had your boobs.
Cassie and I on a recent trip to Victoria's Secret.

Anyway, Cassie and I have gone shopping a few times this summer and this is what I've come out with..

Forever 21-- Gray tshirt material with white chiffon sleeves

Target-- Mossimo printed jeans

Forever21-- Cream (as opposed to white) crochet shorts

Forever21-- Blue maxi skirt( the bottom half is sheer with a slit)

A close-up of the beading on the collar
Forever21-- White button up
I've also bought a few basics like tshirts and undies, both from F21 and superbly comfy, I highly recommend checking out the website for great deals on both:

As always, I hope to be shopping again very,very soon. Lucky for me, I'm leaving Sunday for North Carolina where I'll be for about a week, which means I likely will get in a good bit of shopping( for both clothes,underwear included, and some stuff for my dorm) so I'm psyched!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013



Every girl likes a good sale. I happen to love a good sale. I love to shop period, but sales give me an excuse to get cray. But, with college coming up in the fall (GO PIRATES!!) I don't have quite as much leeway in the spending department. I did stop by the Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works semi-annuals yesterday though, I couldn't help it.. I lurrrv me some VS and lately I've had a bit of a B&B obsession too, I'm not sure what all that's about? Anyway, I got this cute water bottle a few weeks ago on the first day of the VS sale:

And yesterday I really didn't get that much, but I love what I got.. Whenever I go to semi's I try to stock up. In my room I have a whole bookshelf full of perfume,lotion, nail polish what-not( I'm pretty much the definition of a girly-girl) but you can't fit all that in a dorm, so I decided to only get a few things yesterday, and specifically for my dorm room. So that means I won't be using pretty much anything I buy until August,sigh. BUT I'll have a whole bunch of brand-new stuff to add to the excitement! Without further ado:
Bath and Body Works (Wild Honeysuckle, Enchanted Orchid, and Secret Wonderland-- usually  $10, on sale for $3)

Victoria's Secret aka Love of My Life( Pretty in Pink, Just One Kiss, and  Delicate Petals-- on sale for $3 each)

VS as well, PINK Sweet&Flirty-- actually wasn't on sale, but it smells amazing and  mine was empty
 So there it is, my haul from this round of the semi-annuals.. You can still shop the sales online at :
By the way y'all, this is the last time they'll have Secret Wonderland so if you love it like I do, RUN don't walk and get it before it's gone.. Happy Shopping!

 Where do you think has the best sales and what do you get?