Monday, July 30, 2012

July 29 Post, Olympics Version

SO! Back to the games! I'm becoming a tad obsessed with swimming so I think my favorite event today was the men's 4x100m. I finally got to see Nathan Adrian! He gave us a super strong start, and Phelps and Jones definitely held their own, doing a fantastic in the middle 2 laps. And then came Lochte! I was soooo readyto jump of the couch and start screaming. WE HAD THAT. I  was so freaking sure. And then in the last couple seconds France not only caught up, but took us over! WTF?! But our guys did a phenomenal job, really. We medaled! SILVERSILVERSILVERRRRR! Whoop!

I also  tuned in to Water Polo and gymnastics. Admittedly, the water polo was sorts meh a first, but then I got into it. A cool sport I think. I didn't see it all since our reservation was for 6:30 and I had to start getting ready. When I got home I caught up with the gymnasts. First off, there seemed to be a lot of girls going out-of-bounds. I'm still a newbie, but is this normal? And second, I'm semi-obsessed with the USA womens leotards. They're like purple sparkle perfection. I wish I could get a closeup look at those panels though. And was anybody else ogling their eye-makeup? I lurrrrved it.

I felt terrible when Jordyn Wieber didn't make the all-around finals. I honestly couldn't even dream of doing a fraction of what they do on a daily basis and I thought she was fantastic. She just seemed so devastated, it was heartbreaking to watch. But the best of luck to our ladies in the days to come! Bring it home for us!

And nowwwww, I was in bed last night, and had like a genius idea. I was reading this ESPN article about Olympic Village hookups a few weeks ago, and I thought: Who would be a cute couple? And so without further ado, a new segment I have titled:
Olympic Athletes Who Should Totally Hookup in the Olympic Village

Ryan Lochte and LoLo Jones. Basically because Lochte loves a challenge and LJ has that whole virginity thing going on(which trust me, I totally respect and get) but I feel like is anyone could change her mind, it'd be him. In related news, if anyone could change my mind, it'd be him. And also, because the 2 of them are just like insanely attractive.

Nathan Adrian and Alex Morgan. There really is no explanation other than he is super hot and as a fellow pink-lover, I see a bit of myself on her. Which is kind of why I chose LJ for RL too... yeah, maybe a pattern here.
Sam Mikulak and Missy Franklin. They'd actually be cute together I think. They just both seem very like infectious and light.

And Day 2 of my Brit List comes to you in the form of another boy band The Wanted.

 I of course as a British fanatic, have a a thing for British accents. I also however, as a rule, have a thing for brown and/or curly hair on guys( I feel like I should let you know just how much I like this picture. Nathan<brown hair>,in the beanie. I love beanies on guys. Jay<curly hair> in maroon,which I find to be the absolute most attractive color a guy can wear. Well played,gentlemen. Well played.) The Wanted somehow combined these things. And it is amazing. You know who else did that BUT ON THE SAME PERSON(Harry Styles)? ONE DIRECTION,yesterday's Brit List pick, but more on them another time. So yeah, The Wanted's latest single is "Chasing the Sun" and the video for it basically combines like leather, British guys, and a catchy beat. You can watch it here:

See you for more Olympic greatness tomorrow!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy Birthday BroBro!

Another day in the Olympics! Today was also my brothers birthday, so we went out for a celebratory dinner. My outfit was a tad Olympics-inspired.

Obviously the white and blue for Team USA and since I don't actually own any red clothing this is what I tried instead:
Ribbon bracelet with an Old Glory print. And the nail art I showed y'all a few days ago inspired me to try my own. It's my take on the stars&stripes. A deep blue polish with a glitter topcoat on 4 fingers and red&white stripes on my ring finger as an accent nail. I added a bit of gold(optimism, people! The power of positive thinking!) with my rings& crossbody bag.
Anywho, I had fun at dinner, my prom date showed up,since he's an old family friend.He's the guy on the end in the end in the glasses and the birthday boy is in the middle.

Ok,now I'm going to go reheat my leftovers.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lochte Nation

So everyone is talking about the olympics. I missed the opening ceremony last night because I had to  :( But from the looks of it, I missed something ah-mazing.

BUT I got to catch up today with coverage of volleyball,gymnastics,and swimming. Volleyball is one of the few sports I actually have an excellent comprehension of.
My old team, the Maranatha Lady Warriors! I'm the one with the sleeve on, because I only played like twice, because I was terrible. But all that time on the bench gives you a good understanding of the game. I was pretty proud of myself for actually being able to understand what was happening in the US/Aussie match today. I was even more proud of Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings! I was in serious hand-clenching mode but they diiiiiiid itttttttt!

The gymnastics was tres cray. I think it was China and the US mens teams I saw compete and WOAH. I could never do any of that. I had no idea those guys were so short,though. But the muscles!!! And I mean seriously. Nothing but love for those guys, it was insane. Crazy-awesome. The vault was sick but the floor work really blew my mind.
And I loved watching the reaction of Jon Orozco's mom. But time out: did you see the outfit on the girl sitting behind her. American flag pullover&cutoffs. It was so USA. I'm going to keep searching for a pic, but no luck yet.
 SWIMMING! I'm a total water baby, but more of a floater than a racer. I love watching the races, and my favorites going  into it were Ryan Lochte and Missy Franklin. Confession: I'd seen Missy swim before, but not Ryan. In fact he wasn't even on my radar until he showed up in my mail last month in Glamour(the issue that also introduced me to Nathan Adrian, who I haven't seen yet but hopefully soon, I'm keeping an eye out!) He's such a cutie and the blue eyes are like sent from Poseidon(get it? that was actually kind of terrible, I'm sorry.) So yeah, I put the picture from Glamour in my last post, but this was Lochte with his GOLD medal today.
Ok,yes, I have officially joined Lochte Nation. Jeah.

I was like squeezing my own hand watching the women compete in swimming. I was basically commentating to myself from my living room couch. Anyway, congrats to the US women! They were insane in the membrane and made us all proud! 

.And so in homage to the Olympians, go watch their parody of "Call Me Maybe"

I have a slight obsession with England, and since London is hosting the Olympics this year, I'm going to share some of my Brit List with you everyday of the games. Todays pick is super simple. One Directionnnnnnnn! Haha, you can go with the classic "What Makes You Beautiful" or for a switchup "Stole My Heart." Good song, go listen.

Good luck tomorrow!

Friday, July 27, 2012


Happy Friday!
 Today is the official start of the 2013 Olympics and I'm pumpedddddd! Reason #1 to be pumped:

These guys: Cullen Jones, Nathan Adrian, Ryan Lochte and Brendan Hansen. Go Team USA! And also, a big thank you to Glamour, the best magazine everrrrr.

So in all seriousness, the Olympics are great. They showcase ah-mazing athletic ability and that's totally inspiring. One prime example? The gods-who-be at the Olympics have decided that they're going to ease up on the dress code a bit, allowing the volleyball players to participate in something other than their standard sexy bikinis. Well, that's fantastic news for a lot of women, especially those with strict religious and moral views. But our leading ladies said no thank you and are sticking with the 2-pieces.

And here's what they had to say about it "what you see is what you get- there's no airbrushing"
Totally inspiring,right? I am an avid lover of magazines,and  there's kind of an internal war going  on with them right now. You know the whole airbrushing controversy thing. But some magazines are working against it. Seventeen started a body peace treaty, and you can sign here:

But the point is, I love that it's sort of a message of body-peace in itself. They're proud of their bodies(and they should be!) and want to show them off! A bit of inspiration for us, be happy in your skin. Love it.

Keep an eye out for these girls too:
 Alex Morgan
 Alise "The Beast"
 Claressa Shields
 Foluke Akinradewo
 Kayla Harrison
 Julie Zetlin
 Missy Franklin
Maya Moore

So good luck to all the men and women competing! WOO-HOO USA!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Obsession Confession

I, like pretty much every girl I know, have a bit of an obsession with jewelry.  I’m pretty sure I inherited my intense love of sparkly things from my grandmother, who is a total style icon in my book. I have my phases. It was earrings, and then cool necklaces, followed by an almost unhealthy thing for bracelets(like literally, they found this weird chemical in one of my favorite bracelets, so I couldn’t wear it anymore.) Most recently it was rings. I’m the kind of girl who almost always has on at least 3 rings. I think I learned the ring-hoarding thing from my Aunt Marlana.
I just bought this stack and wear them nonstop. I've also been wearing my mom's old engagement ring from my dad a lot lately.

But right RIGHT now, I’m sorta-kinda in love with a statement necklace. I have a few long pendants, and those are still good, but what I’m talking about are the in-your-face collar types. I usually have things in my lust list folder for a good while before the trend passes and I delete it. But this time, I gave in.

This is from Forever21,I think the name is Neptune's Folly or something like that,and it sealed the deal. I am enamored with the ocean.
I also bought this one a few weeks ago. It's not nearly as big,but it rests right on my collarbone which makes them like cousins. I really lurrrrv it:)

I really am a bargain shopper for the most part, but in the best way I think.  I’m not like some 80-year-old  penny pincher who only shops in the sale bin, but I hate spending a lot of money on one thing, especially knowing myself and my tendency for spilling and staining. My favorite store is without a doubt Forever 21; they have something for everyone: rocker, boho, tomboy, classic, girlie, even a bit of granny-chic.  So here are a few I love from there:

Some from my favorite sites:
 It reminds me of something Cleopatra would wear, I'm a sucker for anything Egyptian-y.
 So girlie with the rosettes and crystals, love it.

Sparkles. I love sparkles. Anyone who knows me will attest to this.

 I can't explain. I just really like it.
 A cool mix because the chain-link style would usually be really tough but then they threw in the pink ribbon.
Warrior princess perfection. Maybe more daring than I would wear, but soooooo amazing.

So there it is. Love all of these, might even get another;)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Off With a Bang!

So my intention was to start a blog chronicling my summer. It is July 23 and I am writing my first post. Ok ,yes, I am a procrastinator. Like a pro.  BUT I'm finally doing it, y'all! And to start things off with a bang(hence the title) I'm going to cover the Teen Choice Awards(yayyyyy!) but don't get too excited. By "covering" I of course mean reviewing it from my laptop. Best dressed, worst dressed, and memorable moments. Aaaaaand here we go!

Best Dressed
My personal favorite of the night was Crystal Reed. While I'll admit I might be a tad biased(Teen Wolf is an extreme obsession of mine) I'm a sucker for a LWD and anything sparkly. Put the two together and BOOM! you can do no wrong in my book. Oh,and hello, it's Marchesa.

But I also loved these girls
 Selly G! Selena pretty much always gets it right and last night was no exception. Happy late birthday!

 It's cool girl perfection. Cavalli blazer and those pants are to-die.
 Again, the LWD. Tay usually gives us a little sparkle,but the simplicity was nice.
 Ahhh, the Jenner girls. Their sisters are total fashion icons, so it's really no surprise. After all, they learned from the best.
 Holland Roden. Again, the Teen Wolf bias. But come onnnnn. On and off-screen she puts me in a state of perpetual outfit lust. And last night was no different.

Worst dressed:
(Side note, I really hate when they do this on Fashion Police,it's so mean. I'll make this quick and easy,something we can all agree on)
Kevin McHale. Confession: when they did that NLT montage it took me back. Yes, I have NLT on my Ipod. I actually really like boybands(more on that later) so it's a given that I really like Kevin M. And I absolutely applaud him for taking a fashion  risk,because that's rare for guys. That said, what is going on here? I'm pretty sure the only guy the printed pants trend works on is Bieber, and even then it can get kind of iffy. Sorry.

Memorable Moments:
 Demi Lovato's ponytail. Ok,yeah. Go for it,girl. Whip your hair back and forth!
 Look Teen Wolf for the 3rd time in my first post! Can you tell how much I love it? Anyway, the Vampire vs. Werewolves debate. Um,hello. WEREWOLVES. Yayyyyyy Team Posey!
 Another obsession,the resurgence of the boy band. Especially One Direction. But more specifically Harry Styles. In a hat. Swoon. Loved this bit! The guys are so hilarious!
 SOPHIA GRACE AND ROSIE! Show me someone who doesn't love these girls and I'll show you a liar! I will never tire of their tutus and tiaras. In fact, as I recall, it's all I wore when I was their age. And I still wear my tiara sometimes around the house.
A few things about the Twilight moments. First: ROB AND KRISTIN CAME OUT HOLDING HANDS. I know there's been speculation about them as a couple since the first movie and that it's been confirmed but this really did it for me.It was just sooo good. Second: Not sure how I feel about TL's facial hair... Third: We all just need to accept that this is as good as their acceptance speeches are going to get. Don't get me wrong,I love Twilight. But seriously you guys. You know you're going to win. Be prepared. And last but not least: Wow. Over 40 TCAs? Whoaaaaa.

SO. This has been my very first blog post! I did it! Hopefully you liked it and you'll stop and comment or subscribe or add me to your favorites or whatever. Whatever floats your boat!