Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Obsession Confession

I, like pretty much every girl I know, have a bit of an obsession with jewelry.  I’m pretty sure I inherited my intense love of sparkly things from my grandmother, who is a total style icon in my book. I have my phases. It was earrings, and then cool necklaces, followed by an almost unhealthy thing for bracelets(like literally, they found this weird chemical in one of my favorite bracelets, so I couldn’t wear it anymore.) Most recently it was rings. I’m the kind of girl who almost always has on at least 3 rings. I think I learned the ring-hoarding thing from my Aunt Marlana.
I just bought this stack and wear them nonstop. I've also been wearing my mom's old engagement ring from my dad a lot lately.

But right RIGHT now, I’m sorta-kinda in love with a statement necklace. I have a few long pendants, and those are still good, but what I’m talking about are the in-your-face collar types. I usually have things in my lust list folder for a good while before the trend passes and I delete it. But this time, I gave in.

This is from Forever21,I think the name is Neptune's Folly or something like that,and it sealed the deal. I am enamored with the ocean.
I also bought this one a few weeks ago. It's not nearly as big,but it rests right on my collarbone which makes them like cousins. I really lurrrrv it:)

I really am a bargain shopper for the most part, but in the best way I think.  I’m not like some 80-year-old  penny pincher who only shops in the sale bin, but I hate spending a lot of money on one thing, especially knowing myself and my tendency for spilling and staining. My favorite store is without a doubt Forever 21; they have something for everyone: rocker, boho, tomboy, classic, girlie, even a bit of granny-chic.  So here are a few I love from there:

Some from my favorite sites:
 It reminds me of something Cleopatra would wear, I'm a sucker for anything Egyptian-y.
 So girlie with the rosettes and crystals, love it.

Sparkles. I love sparkles. Anyone who knows me will attest to this.

 I can't explain. I just really like it.
 A cool mix because the chain-link style would usually be really tough but then they threw in the pink ribbon.
Warrior princess perfection. Maybe more daring than I would wear, but soooooo amazing.

So there it is. Love all of these, might even get another;)

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