Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lochte Nation

So everyone is talking about the olympics. I missed the opening ceremony last night because I had to  :( But from the looks of it, I missed something ah-mazing.

BUT I got to catch up today with coverage of volleyball,gymnastics,and swimming. Volleyball is one of the few sports I actually have an excellent comprehension of.
My old team, the Maranatha Lady Warriors! I'm the one with the sleeve on, because I only played like twice, because I was terrible. But all that time on the bench gives you a good understanding of the game. I was pretty proud of myself for actually being able to understand what was happening in the US/Aussie match today. I was even more proud of Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings! I was in serious hand-clenching mode but they diiiiiiid itttttttt!

The gymnastics was tres cray. I think it was China and the US mens teams I saw compete and WOAH. I could never do any of that. I had no idea those guys were so short,though. But the muscles!!! And I mean seriously. Nothing but love for those guys, it was insane. Crazy-awesome. The vault was sick but the floor work really blew my mind.
And I loved watching the reaction of Jon Orozco's mom. But time out: did you see the outfit on the girl sitting behind her. American flag pullover&cutoffs. It was so USA. I'm going to keep searching for a pic, but no luck yet.
 SWIMMING! I'm a total water baby, but more of a floater than a racer. I love watching the races, and my favorites going  into it were Ryan Lochte and Missy Franklin. Confession: I'd seen Missy swim before, but not Ryan. In fact he wasn't even on my radar until he showed up in my mail last month in Glamour(the issue that also introduced me to Nathan Adrian, who I haven't seen yet but hopefully soon, I'm keeping an eye out!) He's such a cutie and the blue eyes are like sent from Poseidon(get it? that was actually kind of terrible, I'm sorry.) So yeah, I put the picture from Glamour in my last post, but this was Lochte with his GOLD medal today.
Ok,yes, I have officially joined Lochte Nation. Jeah.

I was like squeezing my own hand watching the women compete in swimming. I was basically commentating to myself from my living room couch. Anyway, congrats to the US women! They were insane in the membrane and made us all proud! 

.And so in homage to the Olympians, go watch their parody of "Call Me Maybe"

I have a slight obsession with England, and since London is hosting the Olympics this year, I'm going to share some of my Brit List with you everyday of the games. Todays pick is super simple. One Directionnnnnnnn! Haha, you can go with the classic "What Makes You Beautiful" or for a switchup "Stole My Heart." Good song, go listen.

Good luck tomorrow!

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