Tuesday, June 25, 2013



Every girl likes a good sale. I happen to love a good sale. I love to shop period, but sales give me an excuse to get cray. But, with college coming up in the fall (GO PIRATES!!) I don't have quite as much leeway in the spending department. I did stop by the Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works semi-annuals yesterday though, I couldn't help it.. I lurrrv me some VS and lately I've had a bit of a B&B obsession too, I'm not sure what all that's about? Anyway, I got this cute water bottle a few weeks ago on the first day of the VS sale:

And yesterday I really didn't get that much, but I love what I got.. Whenever I go to semi's I try to stock up. In my room I have a whole bookshelf full of perfume,lotion, nail polish what-not( I'm pretty much the definition of a girly-girl) but you can't fit all that in a dorm, so I decided to only get a few things yesterday, and specifically for my dorm room. So that means I won't be using pretty much anything I buy until August,sigh. BUT I'll have a whole bunch of brand-new stuff to add to the excitement! Without further ado:
Bath and Body Works (Wild Honeysuckle, Enchanted Orchid, and Secret Wonderland-- usually  $10, on sale for $3)

Victoria's Secret aka Love of My Life( Pretty in Pink, Just One Kiss, and  Delicate Petals-- on sale for $3 each)

VS as well, PINK Sweet&Flirty-- actually wasn't on sale, but it smells amazing and  mine was empty
 So there it is, my haul from this round of the semi-annuals.. You can still shop the sales online at :
By the way y'all, this is the last time they'll have Secret Wonderland so if you love it like I do, RUN don't walk and get it before it's gone.. Happy Shopping!

 Where do you think has the best sales and what do you get?

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