Thursday, August 2, 2012

Procrastination Nation

I am a procrastinator. I have been for some time now, and in some capacity, will probably always be. This is my really crappy excuse why I haven't updated in a few days. BUT I am going to make up for a it by writing a few posts tonight. A million things have been happening, thus requiring more than one post:)

To start things off: What kind of drugs are the people over at gymnastics on? I absolutely cannot believe Japan medaled over GB. It's kind of a joke, but a really un-funny one. Like are you serious? And I'm very sad the US men didn't place. Goodbye, Sam Mikulak. But console yourself with my suggested hookup of Missy Franklin. Feeling better already, aren't you? No? Ok, I understand.
Also, in the gymnastics corner, that one British guy has fantastic hurrr.

Like what's the situation here? Do you think he wears hats, or is he more of an earmuffs guy? Is that at all relevant?  I don't know. Probably not.

And YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! The Fab Five are kicking butt and taking names. Like just all over. I especially love their whole team spirit. Like in every interview they do, you can tell they're each fierce competitors, but also care equally about the team as a whole. I can feel the reality, like it's not staged. And I'm still head over heels for their hair&makeup. I've said it before& I'll say it again: I am a confirmed glitterholic.
Inspiring girls everywhere to put it in a pony.

And now(drumroll please) time for my favorite part of the night: SWIMMING. I honestly just think it's safe to say a have a legit obsession. Pause while I google the dictionary definition of "Obsession."
So along with some very seductive Calvin Kelin ads, I found this:
the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, imagedesire, etc.
Um, yup that sounds about right. So, of course, our guys have been pretty much dominating thanks to these guys.

Matt Grevers
Ryan Lochte
Michael Phelps aka the new world record holder in Olympics medals. Normal Guy Stuff.
I don't remember who's won what since I last posted, but it's safe to say we're doing pretty good. And in hindsight, I'm not sure why my newfound love for the sport, but maybe something to do with the half-nakedness? Not sure, but that is probably a factor.
And on the womens side: A Gold!
My theory: they're mermaids.
Also, I just really want to have a dance party with Missy Franklin.
That's all from the athletic perspective,now for the real fun;)

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